Awe-Inspiring Advocate Series – Meet Zaneta

At the start of quarantine, Zaneta was concerned about what it all meant for her role as an advocate and how all the uncertainty would affect how she helps navigate survivors through the available resources.

“I’ve heard a lot of people joke ‘I’m sure you’re working a lot less from home’ but I’m actually working a lot MORE. I work with a lot of survivors who have a lot of anxiety about the pandemic that’s turned into frustration and I’ve been providing a lot of education around how to cope with that.

That’s what has kept me motivated – knowing that I’m providing education and access to resources that they might not otherwise have to stay safe and deal with their anxiety through this crisis.”

Zaneta Greene, DASH Community Housing Resource Specialist

Zaneta works with DASH families in our Empowerment Project, our scattered-site safe housing program, as well as provides services to elders.

Because of the limited housing options for elders as a result of COVID-19, Zaneta shared that she had to become more creative to help survivors navigate their safety planning.

“They’re stuck at home with their abusers all the time and all they want to do is flee. Usually, I am very hands-on and I would go meet with them, sit down with them as they fill out a housing application, but I’m not able to do that right now so I’m finding new ways of working with them to make sure they feel safe. At the end of the day, I’m working for the people.

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