Survivor Stories: Linda

Linda had been experiencing domestic violence for over 23 years. She reached out for help through the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and learned about DASH’s safe housing programs. Through this self-advocacy she was able to flee her situation. After 23 years she said, I was more than ready; I knew I deserved a better life.”

From the intake process to her experience living at DASH, Linda has felt nothing but care from DASH staff members. From the advocate that helped me get here to the staff, they are always willing to help. They always want to know if you’re okay. They schedule workshops that are always geared to help you. I am so very grateful and blessed that this agency is here for me and others.” Shelter programs can sometimes be restrictive and place barriers on residents that can unintentionally hinder survivors’ progress, but at DASH, all of the staff works towards’ each survivor’s individual goals by providing the resources that they need.

Linda expressed, From day one, my advocate has helped me any way she can from just listening to directing me in the right direction for different resources. DASH is nothing but God in the flesh.”

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

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